The look and feel of a brand is consistently and carefully maintained in every way a company looks and breathes. It reflects the values and aims of the business as a whole. A brand is more than just a logo or an icon. It is a strategy for sales and success, and a representative marque that is derived through careful category and product research. 

Let’s make it simple, distinctive, functional and real. 

Let’s create a brand that blossoms into greatness.

The following four examples exhibit brand maintenance and design diversity. Misc Brands is a collection of logos.

In the ten years we have been working together, Country Prime Meats Ltd. has grown from local to international distribution. Their products are unbeatable in their quality, and a continued climb in sales is anticipated. Status is responsible for all brand maintenance, package and web design, creative writing, product and tag naming.

Status has watched Zazubean grow from scratch, and now their products are in major chains across Western Canada and the US.​

We’re continually working on new lines, POP, ads and collateral material, maintaining brand consistency throughout.